Bacouni Yvoire
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Traditional Restaurant

Commitment to Quality

All our dishes are homemade.

Our food is prepared in our kitchen from raw produce.

Fish from the lake are provided by the professional fishermen, Sébastien, Mathieu and Gérald.

Adhesion to the Culinary College of France

The brainchild of 15 French chefs, the Culinary College of France is an association open to anyone who is involved in gastronomy and who shares the same common values, both in France and abroad. It is a place where people can exchange ideas as well as acting as a sounding board for decision-makers and the general public. The association's mission is to represent, promote and transmit the identity of French cuisine worldwide, as well as its diversity, tradition and capacity for innovation. The association also aims to promote the economic realities of French gastronomy and to actively contribute to its growth.


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