Bacouni Yvoire
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About us

What is a "bacouni"?
"A "bacouni" was a courageous professional boatman, What is a "bacouni"? with origins from the Lake Léman region, solid as a rock and a relentless worker.

His task was to load the boat (except at Meillerie where the Family know-how quarrymen loaded it themselves), stowing the cargo on board, steering the boat to its destination and unloading it.

The "bacouni" spent his life on the water, balancing his load on Business meals & seminars a long, pliable, narrow plank that linked the boat to the shore so, when he was walking on firm land, his stride would constantly roll as if he were still counteracting the pitch of the boat.

Photo gallery The "bacouni" was traditionally dressed in black corduroy trousers, held at the waist by a long coloured scarf, which was a distinctive sign of this hardy stock of men".

Jean-Pierre Cuendet  
"Lémaniquement Vôtre"